Today's shoppers want the best experience for the lowest price. They want the visual, tactile and interpersonal experience of browsing through fashions in a physical store with savvy and lively sales folks. And they want the convenience of being in control purchasing online, where more options are available. They don't only want the best deal possible, they need assurance they get one.

Showrooming is when a shopper visits a store to check out a product but then purchases the product online from home. This occurs because, while many people still prefer seeing and touching the merchandise they buy, many items are available at lower prices through online vendors. As such, local stores essentially become showrooms for online shoppers.

If Shoppers want Shoowrooming then give them a showroom. Transform your store from a "point of sale" into a point of retreat. Make it into a place where people gather, interact and touch, smell, feel, try on without the inside guilt of having to fool you, because you both know ... that is what it is!


Inviting customers to shop online and profit from the sale!  We create the partnership link between the store, the Brand and Customers. Rather than committing to an expensive and risky inventory, the store just acquires a small representative amount of products. The interaction with the shopper remains the essence, without the pressure to close the sale when the sales people invite customers to purchase directly from the e-commerce, which in turn will reward the store with a sales commission.

In a nutshell, that is what we do at Whebsale!